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707 Influenced is more than a brand and seed bank, it’s a lifestyle. The “707” is an area stretching from California’s Bay area all the way north to the Oregon state line encompassing 2/3 of Emerald Triangle. The mecca of cannabis culture in the world. It’s safe to say that we are all 707 influenced. Our seeds are from verified original strains and some of the most highly sought after cultivars in the world. With over 20 years of experience 707 Influenced is excited to bring these rare genetics to the midwest and all of the USA. With your help, we hope to create the newest and rarest exotic strains in gardens everywhere. Our flagship strain  the “WTF IS THAT” is a jet fuel gelato cross that got its name because everyone who smoked it said “WTF IS THAT!”. The WTF is the mother of the KC Shuffle line. A hard hitting, resin packed, heaving yielding, sweet and gassy powerhouse. We stand behind our selections and we are excited for the future as cannabis prohibition comes to an end. Happy Hunting!

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These seeds contain less than 0.03% Thc and strictly sold as novelty items and souvenirs in the United States. You are encouraged to follow your state and the federal laws, and we take and assume no liability.

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